Dale (L) and Paul (R) Welcome you to our Online Shop

We’d like to formally thank you for visiting our website and Online shop. Formed in March 2019, we are Paul and Dale, specialists in the mobility market place, based in South Wales, with over 25 years personal experience and usage of wheelchairs, along with over 25 years of retail customer focused business experience. It is in our DNA to totally empathise with you and use our expert knowledge for your benefit.

Whilst discussing customer requirements, the majority of feedback we receive outlines 2 specific circumstances. Firstly where there is a need for a mobility solution but a general reluctance to sourcing one, secondly where there is a need for a mobility solution which has been filled with a partial solution, such as an old style heavy mobility scooter, which in most cases forces a change to their desired lifestyle. Our knowledge, help and guidance are the perfect solution to aid customers through this journey.

Further to a considerable amount of research whilst trying to find a suitable wheelchairs for ourselves, we realised that we could help simplify the marketplace for people looking for modern mobility solution in the U.K. There have been numerous technical advances in the last 10 years, which mean that a new lightweight folding electric wheelchair could be the right option for you, even if you haven’t considered one before.

We have researched, and will continue to research, the market regularly, ensuring we bring together the best available choice, value for money products, meaning we do all the hard work for you. We specialise in offering, the best available lightweight, folding and aesthetically pleasing electric wheelchairs, equipment and accessory products.

Our Wheelchairs

One of the worlds Lightest Power Folding Wheelchairs

Ideal for anyone needing a mobility solution, young or old, our wheelchairs are the very latest designs and are lightweight, foldable & electric. They charge from zero to full in 6-8 hours and have a max speed around 4mph. Some are also designed to run on one battery while the other is taken out and put on charge. The mileage range when fully charged is 13-15 miles (half of that if running on one battery pack). They are extremely lightweight, from 19kg-35kg, so whether it’s you or your family moving it or picking it up, is far easier compared to a traditional battery powered wheelchair weighing around 70-100kg. The folding feature operates in one movement and is easily stored in the boot of a car while being transported. To see this in action, click on one of our video demos or even better- give us a call and hopefully we can bring or deliver a demo to you.

We are aware that some wheelchair users do not want to be reliant on an electric wheelchair and will continue to use a manual wheelchair whenever possible, which we totally understand. Our chairs are ideal for use as a second chair, maybe for day outs and for taking away on holidays, relieving any potential stress or feelings of burden, for you or your family members. The batteries are Super Lithium lightweight and quick charging, we would recommend putting it on charge whenever not in use, in the same way you would with a laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

We hold a reasonable amount of stock and are happy to discuss your wants and needs to ensure you make the right choice with us. In the unlikely event we don’t have something which you think suits your requirements, we will endeavour to help find a suitable model for you using our contacts and suppliers.

Although we are based online, we have plans for a fixed premises, it is in the pipeline. Based in South Wales, we have good access to the U.K motorway network and are happy to travel reasonable distances to conduct home visits, giving you the opportunity to demo our products for yourself, give us a call or contact us via the form below.