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EeZeeGo founders Paul and Dale are specialists in quality lightweight folding mobility solutions designed to give you the extra independence you require at an affordable price.

Our flagship folding mobility scooter model, the EeZeeGo-SC1, features a lightweight frame that is strong and durable holding up to 19.6 stone (125kg). The electric mobility scooter folds to a small size for easy transportation and storage.

Understandably, many wish to test-drive their mobility scooter before purchase, that’s why we offer free home demos, just get in touch. We are also happy to answer any questions you may have.


Compact lightweight folding mobility scooters

EeZeeGo source the best lightest mobility scooters available on the market. Scooters are fantastic for gaining independence, allowing you to get out and about easily. Lightweight folding mobility scooters are specifically designed for ease of transportation, whilst still being strong and durable.

Compact folding mobility scooter ideal for travelling

Our flagship model, the EeZeeGo-SC1, is a stylish transportation solution that provides comfort and a smooth ride across many miles on one charge. At just the touch of a button, the mobility scooter folds to a small size that allows the scooter to be easily transported and stored.
Getting from A to B has never been so easy. Lightweight folding mobility scooters are the perfect choice for those who want to travel further afield with a scooter that isn’t bulky and hard to manage. Thanks to their compact size, folding mobility scooters are ideal for those with limited storage space, folding to a size small enough to store in a closet or take on an aeroplane.

Latest lithium battery technology

Our folding mobility scooters are fitted with the latest in lithium battery technology and can travel a distance of 15-20 miles on one charge, making a day-out with the family, a trip to the shops or getting fresh air worry-free. The EeZeeGo lightweight folding mobility scooter helps further your independence and enjoy the outdoors.

Who is a mobility scooter better suited to?

Due to the way a mobility scooter operates, it is best suited to someone with a degree of arm and torso strength to grip the handlebars and operate the controls. As with all mobility scooters, a small amount of balance is needed for the user to keep the scooter steady, especially around corners.
Unlike wheelchairs, mobility scooters are usually too large to take inside many buildings, so the ability to walk from where the scooter is parked to the indoor area is required.
If you don’t think a mobility scooter is suited to you, an lighteeight electric wheelchair may be a better option. Electric wheelchairs can go inside most buildings thanks to their precise manoeuvrability.

Free home demos on all lightweight folding mobility scooters

EeZeeGo provides mobility solutions to happy customers across the UK. We understand many people wish to try out a mobility scooter before purchase, that’s why we offer free home demonstrations with no obligation to buy, just get in touch using the contact form below or call us on 07488 398886 or 07786 243675.
The EeZeeGo-SC1 mobility scooter is practical and produced to a high standard which we are confident will impress you. For its size it is extremely strong and long-lasting, an EeZeeGo mobility scooter will supply you with many years of comfortable and hassle-free travel.
We pride ourselves on excellent customer support, helping you long after the original purchase is made. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any queries or even if you are looking for advice for a friend or family member, we are always happy to help.
Each lightweight folding mobility scooter comes with 3-year warranty on the frame and 12 months warranty on the motor/battery/controller. In the unlikely event you experience an issue with your mobility scooter then give us a call and we will assist you immediately.